Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a disease which was initially mostly related to ageing. With improvement in techniques of medical science, it has been observed that erectile dysfunction can occur for hoards of different reasons and in young men too. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction in men is stress and nutrient deficiency. Sometimes irregular eating habits as well as diabetes are also seen to be the culprit. If the man suffers from any ailments as diabetes and high blood pressure then chances are high that it could lead to the problem. At the same time, depression and insomnia affects the condition of erection too.

Hormonal treatments are present. One can also go for surgeries. There are pills available in the market which is observed to be effective against erectile dysfunction. Most of them are FDA approved and are quite safe for use. One of them is Levitra. It can be orally taken with water and there is no other dietary structure that the patient needs to maintain. So, it is extremely easy with this PED inhibitor to improve the blood circulation in the penis and develop erection. This pill also inhibits the break down of nitric oxide, which is responsible for maintaining the erection during the entire sexual act.

There is however certain side effects that the patient has to stay wary about. This is the reason that people are vastly moving from surgical procedures and medicinal ways towards natural techniques of curing diseases and conditions. Yoga has become quite popular and is such a natural technique. It is possible with Yoga to treat some of the erectile dysfunction cases. In classical Yoga, there are spiritual practices which are used in order to sublimate the sexual energy of the person. In order to ensure the result in Yoga, it is very necessary that the person performs it regularly. Breathing practices and pranayam as well as meditation vastly improves the condition.

There are asanas such as vajrasana, which are observed to enhance results further. When the patients are able to master the position, several variation of the pose is created in order to apply pressure as well as stretch the pelvic region. This increases the circulation of blood and the person is also able to attain control over their muscles bringing normalcy in health.

Kandasana a variation of the Baddhakonasana is suggested by some of the instructor for erectile dysfunction treatment. It takes long time to master the pose. Some of the other asanas which are also effective are titali or butterfly, fish or matsyasana and forward bend or paschimottanasana. In the advanced stages, patients are put through headstand or shirsasana as well as series of other pelvic tilts and different standing twists, that can help improve the control.

Yoga is a vigorous exercise and with this exercise it is possible to vastly improve the condition of high pressure and diabetes as well. It is of course necessary that the person is able to learn and practice this asanas or exercise under the guidance of a trained Yoga instructor. This way, he will be able to perform the lunges and turns effectively without injuring them. It is also possible to bring changes quickly.