Which One of the Cures for Erectile Dysfunction Is Better?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when the man is unable to develop erection or maintain it to acquire complete sexual satisfaction. There are different treatments which are used to cure this condition. Sexual psychotherapies are one. Other treatment procedures involve taking drugs, injecting hormone, using vacuum devices, etc. Probably the last resort for any one is surgery.

Surgery is one of the most radical treatments for curing erectile dysfunction. With surgery it is possible to induce in the individual artificial erection. In this procedure, the rate of failure is highest. There are four different types of surgeries present. One which is performed on arteries which are blocked and which might be causing the erectile dysfunction in the individual. These surgeries are common in young men. Other than that there are vascular reconstructive surgeries which improve the ability to develop erection as well as maintain it. Moreover, prosthetic devices are also implanted within the penis. It is difficult with such devices to enjoy the complete sexual intimacy with your loved ones, nonetheless it is tried. Other than that vacuum erection devices are also used. Sometimes veins are blocked off so that the blood is allowed to leave the penis and maintain the erection. This surgery is quite successful too.

Natural procedures of curing erectile dysfunction are also present. One of the best of is Yoga. There are also available certain herbs, which are used for treatment. For instance, there is Ginseng. This is herb which is completely safe. It is also good for curing erectile dysfunction in men. However, in some of the cases, it is seen to lower the blood sugar level. There is also available Ginkgo, Yohimbe, etc. All these herbs are not lab tested and besides curing erectile dysfunction, it shows some side effects which can bring emergency situation for the user.

It is best to depend on medicines and especially those which are approved from the FDA. There are pills such as Levitra which are very helpful to cure erectile dysfunction. One can depend on such pills as it shows little or no side effects at all. It is rarely, that in some cases emergency situations have occurred. This pill is a PDE inhibitor causing an improvement in the flow of blood towards the penis thus developing erection and even maintaining it. If you are having difficulty in developing erection of maintaining it to have sufficient sex in your life, you can see your physician to prescribe you any one of the approved pills for curing erectile dysfunction.

The other two pills are sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). Find out about the medicines as well as information on traditional medicines, herbs and surgeries which are used. Measure the pros and cons of each of them to determine whether they're safe. It can be tricky but you will be able to analyze the difference. You can also see your personal physician to understand whether or not the pills which you are about to take is well studied or tested. Levitra can cause some side effects when it interacts with medications. However, by and large Levitra is the safest and most tried and tested pills of all.