Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability for an individual to develop erection or retain this erection during sexual act for proper penetration into vagina. There are men who suffer from this dysfunction. It might be age because of which people suffer erectile dysfunction. The reasons are sometimes also due to failure of feelings and thoughts or damage of any tissue, nerves or vessels in this area.

Erectile dysfunction can lead to dissatisfaction in sexual life leading to anxiety, depression and separation from wife or girl friend. Initially, there were no ways around it. With time different treatment methods came up so that men can enjoy their sex life. One must visit the doctor and assess for physiological and psychological cause leading to this problem, so that the treatment processes can be determined.

If someone is having this problem, they need to go through certain lifestyle changes. For instance, it is necessary to stop smoking too much as well as drinking heavily and regularly. If someone is obese then it might also lead to erectile dysfunction problems. Thus such individuals would need to lose excess pounds. It is necessary to increase physical activity. Any drugs that they might be having and which might directly or indirectly affect the individual and their erection problem have to be reduced.

Sexual psychotherapy is tried, where series of exercises are practiced to help the man understand the utility of relaxing his nerves and feeling the sexual arousal that they might be having. Medications as Viagra and Levitra are very helpful. Other than that pumps and vacuum cylinders help to get erection as well. Some men have to go through surgical procedures, where an inflatable device is introduced, so they might have erection easily.

It is very rarely that surgeries involving arteries and veins are thought of. Sometimes hormonal treatments are also paid importance. While psychotherapy involving sex includes techniques that develop intimacy between partners and learning different methods of sexual stimulation, the surgeries and hormonal treatments are much more complex.

In treatment of erectile dysfunction, Levitra, Viagra and also Cialis have been approved by the authorities. They are considered a phosphodiesterase inhibitor that affects nitric oxide responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles involved in erectile dysfunction of the penis. It also prevents its breakdown, thus helping in increasing the blood flow and maintaining the erection for longer periods of time.

Levitra is available in 10 mg pills. Doctors depending on the patients’ situation can adjust the dose to about 20 mg or even decrease it 5 mg as is required. It is very necessary to maintain a 24 hours gap between taking the dose. It is also necessary to avoid any nitrate based drugs during the procedure. This is because nitroglycerin seriously affects the individual causing enhancement in heart diseases.

If the patient has lowered levels of testosterone, they can administer this hormone to improve the scenario. Use vacuum devices can also induce erection and encourages the penis to expand. Alternatively, there are some surgeries which are quite good to cure the condition of erectile dysfunction.