Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra is a pill which is prescribed for erectile dysfunction. The reasons of erectile dysfunction are of two different types. It can be psychological or physiological. In order to distinguish, whether or not the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological or physiological one needs to know whether the patient ever had any difficulty in having erection in the past. Rarely is it psychological. Most of the times, it is because of physiological reasons.

Erection is like a hydraulic mechanism. Blood enters the penis causing erection. When this blood is retained within the penis, the erection lasts. The entire process may sound simple but it involves a lot of steps which can go wrong at any point. The issue can be cured as well. Psychological erection dysfunction occurs due to failure in feelings and thoughts. This requires thorough counseling.

The physiological erection problem is influenced by:

  1. Disorders in the nervous system. People suffering from Alzheimer’s diseases as well as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis have problem. Other than that if the patient had any problem in the brain or he was injured in the spinal cord or brain can also develop this problem.
  2. Hormonal disorders also cause erectile dysfunction. The most common hormonal misbalance is lowering of testosterone. Other than that men who have pituitary gland tumor can face this issue.
  3. Surgery may directly or indirectly cause issues in erection. Mostly colon, bladder and prostrate surgery affect erection. Other that that radiation therapy or surgery in the rectum, which can damage blood vessels or even the have possibility of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Some of the common lifestyle that men take up, which effect individuals directly or indirectly is alcohol, cigarette smoking, obesity and drugs.

Erection is also somewhat dependent on ferment in the blood. Those who suffer from erectile dysfunction lack this ferment in optimal level. What does Levitra do? Levitra simply raises the level of the ferment in the blood. Thus the user can maintain an erection for long time. Any man who has used Levitra admits that they are able to experience better erection. Hence, they are able to enjoy sex for longer periods of time.

Other Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

  1. There are few anti-depressant drugs which cause erectile dysfunction.
  2. Cavernosal disorders or which is also known as Peyronie's disease cause erectile dysfunction.
  3. Mental disorders, stress, anxiety and depression results in inability to develop or maintain penile erection. Other than that panic disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia and personality disorder traits have been known to causes behind the inability.
  4. Ageing is the prime reason for erectile dysfunction. In men over 60s the erectile dysfunction is over four times higher that it is in men over 40.

Studies have also proved that male circumcision increases the risk of impotence. If people spend long hours on bike, then the pressure from the saddle can directly affect in causing erectile dysfunction in an individual. There is also an association with chronic periodontitis and erectile dysfunction. Other than that cerebrovascular diseases as well as non-steroidal drugs which are anti-inflammatory increase risk.