How Levitra is used?

Are you having occasional difficulty in anything concerned with erection? It is common with men to have problem in having erection or having to last erection longer. These are different problems of erectile dysfunction that men suffer from. These issues regarding sexual health lead to depression. So, it should not be left untreated. There are many drugs and also natural pills available in the market, which can cure this problem. Levitra is one such pill.

Erectile dysfunction is common in men who are above the age of 50. In US, there are over 30 million people, who suffer from such conditions, either totally or partially. If you notice any issues concerning your erection problem, you should consult a doctor to know whether or not you can be prescribed with Levitra. Levitra is a FDA approved pill. Many clinical trials have been conducted to prove the efficacy of this pill in improving the serious erectile dysfunction problem that someone may be suffering from.

Nonetheless, one must always consult a physician to know the cause of erectile dysfunction. It can be anything from diabetes to hypertension or other health conditions. If the cause is known, then the right pill as well as the suitable dosage can be prescribed. Some men who are over 40 suffer from heart problems. They require taking medications to control their situation. Most of these pills contain nitrates which react with Levitra. In such cases, patients are prohibited from Levitra dosage.

In United States, Levitra is only the second pill which has been approved by Food and Drug Administration. Hence it is completely safe. The manufacturer of this drug has spent years in trying to fine tune its composition with the requirement of varied subjects. This it is completely different that any other general medicines for erectile dysfunction which you would find in the market for the consumer. It has only few side effects which are seen in very few subjects.

How does Levitra work? The composition of Levitra is such that it increases the flow of blood into the penis. This results in harder penis and also longer erection. Its effect last for 12 hours and the pill starts to take its effect within 15 minutes. After the sexual act, the penis returns to its normal state.

Most of the erectile dysfunction drugs that are now in the market have a very common side effect, which of Priapsim. This means prolonged erection. Sometimes, the erection even lasts for four hours. Another side effect is vision impairment. In case of Levitra both these side effects are rarely experienced by users. Even men who are taking medications for other illnesses can use Levitra. However, it is extremely necessary in such cases that a physician is first consulted. This way, a user can avoid any sort of negative interaction of Levitra with other medicines.

Most physician recommend for 10 mg of Levitra to start with each day. Depending on the individual, lower doses are also sometimes recommended. Other available doses are 2.5mg, 20 mg or 5mg.