Conditions When You Should Not Take Levitra

Levitra is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. There is certain safety information that the patients need to know before they start taking this pill. This is because if it is not taken properly, Levitra causes sudden drop of blood pressure level in the patient to an unsafe level. This is true especially when Levitra is taken with other medicines. This leads the patients to feel dizzy. The chance that they might have a sudden heart attack or stroke also increases.

You should not take Levitra in such conditions as:

  1. If you are taking any medicine which has nitrates. Medicines with nitrates are recommended if the patient suffers from chest pain and angina. It should also be avoided if the patient has at any time taken recreational drugs called poppers. The recreational have amyl nitrate and sometimes butyl nitrate. Together with such nitrate, Levitra increases the risk further.
  2. If you have been recommended by the healthcare provider to avoid any type of sexual activity. Sexual activity is known to put extra strain on the heart. So, those whose hearts are weak from any diseases are prescribed against drugs as Levitra.
  3. In case of any emergency, you should always try and tell your physician that you are taking Levitra so that they can recommend you accordingly.

It is also very important that one must share all their medical problems with the doctor before someone starts taking Levitra. Conditions, when Levitra should be avoided.

  1. If the patient is suffering from irregular heart beats, have suffered earlier from heart attack or angina, they should not take Levitra
  2. Patients who have either very low blood pressure or very high blood pressure should also avoid taking Levitra.
  3. Those who have had stroke before.
  4. If the patient at any time had seizure.
  5. If in their family, there is a tendency of suffering from QT interval; one should get them checked thoroughly before taking the pill.
  6. Patients have liver problems should avoid this pill.
  7. Levitra should also be avoided n case of kidney failure or if the patient requires dialysis time and again.
  8. There are individuals who suffer from rare genetic conditions known as retinitis pigmentosa. This is an eye disease causing severe vision loss. Levitra is not recommended for such individuals too.
  9. Patients have stomach ulcers or bleeding problems should not take Levitra pill.
  10. If you have deformed penis or even Peyronie’s disease, you should avoid taking the pill.
  11. At any time if you have erection problem that lasted for 4 hours, you should also avoid the pill Levitra completely.
  12. Other than that individuals who have blood cell problems or multiple myeloma or leukemia and even sickle cell anemia, are advised against taking this pill.
  13. Levitra is also not recommended if someone has hearing problems.

When you consult a physician, tell them about any of the medicines or previously diagnosed conditions that you have been suffering from. This way you will be served better.