Common Facts about Levitra

In United States, Levitra is the second erectile dysfunction pill that has been approved by FDA. It is also known as Vardenafil. It is regarded as a completely safe drug for this reason. Levitra is PDE5 inhibitor. It is marketed by the GSK, SP and the Bayer Pharmaceutical. In 2005 the co-promotion rights of Levitra from GSK returned to Bayer at any place outside U.S. In Italy, vardenafil is sold as Levitra by the Bayer while GSK sells it under the name of Vivanza.

There is an orally disintegrated form called Staxyn, which is still waiting for approval in Canada and United States. If you are suffering from problems of erectile dysfunction, then chances are high that your doctor might ask you to take Levitra. This helps most men in their medical condition. It can be bought online. One can even get it from pharmaceutical stores. Information about Levitra is available online. If you have any queries, you can clear it from your physician.

This pill was manufactured after putting years of research. Several conditioned and continuous tests were performed before the manufacturers of Levitra finally applied for the approval from FDA. It is fine tuned in many ways, decreasing the chance of any medical emergencies. However, some rare cases have been reported where the erection have lasted for four hours or even more. This condition known as priapism in the medical fraternity must be treated immediately when it occurs. The user should be taken to nearest medical facility.

There are certain other side effects for taking Levitra too. The common after effects are dizziness, numbness as well as tingling in chest, arms and other parts of the body during the sexual act. If this occurs, the user must see a doctor too. Primarily, Levitra is meant to help men who have problem of erectile dysfunction. It can help you achieve the erection as well as maintain it. After the end of the act, the penis returns to its normal state.

Its safety has not been tested on women. As such women should avoid taking it. Since, Levitra is not a maintenance medication, so it is not required that the person takes the pill everyday. It can only be taken when the need arises. A patient should also allow 24 hours to pass before he takes the next dosage. Dosage must be clearly ascertained by physician, who has knowledge on these facts.

Side effects of Levitra are mild. It becomes severe only by reaction with other medications and especially nitrates which are common in medicines of angina, heart problems and blood pressure. Levitra should not be tried with other impotence medications as well, like Alprostadil or Yohimbine. You should always consult a physician on what one should do. One should also try and avoid grape fruit as well as alcohol when they are trying Levitra. This is because these two products reduce the efficacy of the pill. One should also limit the dosage as prescribed by the doctor, instead of going overboard to attain better results.